e-PKgene® : The Pharmacogenetics Database

E-PKGene® is a manually curated repository that provides access to available quantitative information on drug exposure contained in the pharmacogenetics (PGx) literature. It provides in depth analysis of the impact of genetic variants of enzymes and transporters on pharmacokinetic responses to drugs and metabolites.

The units of information of e-PKGene are published research articles related to the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs in various populations, as well as PGx studies from recent NDA reviews. Each study is analyzed and structured in detailed records, with particular attention to study design, population description, and quantitative results (e.g measurements of exposure). Relevant contextual background information is provided throughout the application.

See the e-PKGene User Guide for more information.

e-PKgene’s clean, intuitive search interface.

Access to the DIDB platform is licensed by UW CoMotion’s Express Licensing Program. For more information on the program, please contact us.