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Isabelle Ragueneau-MajlessiDr. Isabelle Ragueneau-Majlessi, MD, MS

Clinical Professor, UW Department of Pharmaceutics
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Dr. Ragueneau is co-author of the Database Applications, Principal Investigator and Director of the Drug Interaction Database program. She received her medical degree from St Antoine University in Paris, France, and specialized in Clinical Pharmacology. Prior to moving to the US, Dr. Ragueneau designed and supervised clinical studies in the private sector and in academia for over 6 years. She started working at the University of Washington in 1999, as a Research Associate, then Principal Research Scientist and Project Manager for the Drug Interaction Database. In November 2009, Dr. Ragueneau joined the faculty of the Department of Pharmaceutics as Clinical Associate Professor and was promoted to full Professor in 2014. Dr. Ragueneau has published in the areas of drug-drug interactions (DDIs), drug disposition and clinical pharmacology. She is interested in the regulatory framework of DDI assessment and the clinical relevance of drug interactions. Dr. Ragueneau graduated from the University of Washington’s Master’s Degree Program in Biomedical Regulatory Affairs in 2010. In 2015, she was named a UW CoMotion Presidential Innovation Fellow.

Sophie ArgonDr. Sophie Argon, PharmD

Research Scientist, UW Department of Pharmaceutics

Dr. Argon is the principal scientific curator for the e-PKGene platform. She received her Master degree in Pharmacology in 1995 and her PharmD degree in 1997 from Nantes University, France. She joined the DIDB team in 2007. Previously, she has worked as a clinical pharmacist in different settings in France and South America. Her area of expertise pertains to pharmacogenetic-drug interaction data.

Jingjing YuDr. Jingjing Yu, PhD

Research Scientist, UW Department of Pharmaceutics

Dr. Yu joined the DIDB team in April 2013 and is in charge of curating DDI data coming from recent NDA reviews. Dr. Yu has an M.D. degree from Peking University (Beijing, China) and a PhD degree in Biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY). Before joining the University of Washington in 2010, she worked for a few years at Cerep (Redmond, WA) where she developed DMPK preclinical assays.

Tasha RitchieDr. Tasha Ritchie, PhD

Research Scientist, UW Department of Pharmaceutics

Dr. Ritchie obtained her PhD from the department of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Washington in 2011, focusing on the biophysical characterization of the human multidrug transporter, P-glycoprotein (P-gp). This was followed by a post-doctoral fellowship examining the structure and function of P-gp in Dr. Kenneth Linton’s laboratory at Queen Mary, University of London. Subsequently, she was appointed to Head of Service Operations at SOLVO Biotechnology, the industry leader in drug transporter products and services, where she led the contract research service laboratory in Szeged, Hungary, before joining the DIDB in May 2014 as a curator of in vitro transporter-based drug interaction studies.

Cathy YeungDr. Cathy Yeung, PharmD, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, UW Department of Pharmacy

Dr. Yeung is a faculty in the Department of Pharmacy, and has been a part-time scientific curator for the Drug Interaction Database program since 2008. She holds a PharmD degree from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Washington. She will receive her MPH (epidemiology) in 2013. She is also investigator at Kidney Research Institute in the Division of Nephrology (Department of Medicine). Her research interests include drug-drug interactions and the pathophysiology of altered drug metabolism and pharmacogenetic determinants of cardiovascular disease in patients with kidney disease.

Katie OwensDr. Katie Owens, BPharm RegPharmNZ PhD

Research Scientist, UW Department of Pharmaceutics
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Dr. Owens completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) with Credit in 2008 and a PhD in clinical pharmacy in 2014 from the School of Pharmacy, University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand). Her PhD research investigated the clinical pharmacology and toxicology of paracetamol (acetaminophen) in various patient populations. This was followed by a post-doctoral research position in the area of modeling and simulation in drug development within the Division of Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacometrics, Institut de Recherches Internationales Servier (Paris, France). Katie joined the DIDB in March 2015 as a curator of preclinical and clinical drug interaction studies.

Jessica SontheimerDr. Jessica Sontheimer, PhD

Research Scientist, UW Department of Pharmaceutics

Dr. Sontheimer joined the DIDB team in 2015 and is a curator of enzyme- and transporter-based preclinical and clinical drug interaction studies. She completed her PhD in Pharmaceutics from the University of Washington in 2015 where she studied endogenous biomarkers of Cytochrome P450 2D6 in adult and pediatric populations. Prior to joining the DIDB, she was a major contributor of multi-institutional academic collaborations and participated in internships in the private sector. Her experience spans both in vitro and in vivo PK/DM study design.

Cheryl WuDr. Cheryl Wu, PhD

Research Scientist, UW Department of Pharmaceutics

Dr. Wu received her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of British Columbia, Canada, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at Pfizer conducting pharmacokinetics and drug transporter research projects. Prior to joining DIDB team in May 2016, she worked at a preclinical ADME-Tox/PK contract research organization (Cerep then Eurofins) for 17 years with increased levels of responsibilities from Senior Scientist, to Principal Scientist, to Director of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and then General Manager. During her time at Cerep then Eurofins, she developed in vitro ADME-Tox and in vivo rodent PK assays, served as study director for client studies, directed the service programs, and managed the CRO operations.

Ichiko PetrieDr. Ichiko Petrie, PharmD

Research Scientist, UW Department of Pharmaceutics
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Dr. Petrie received her PharmD as well as her undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Washington in 2014 and 2007, respectively. Prior to joining the DIDB team, she worked as a long-term acute care hospital pharmacist at Kindred Hospital in Seattle, WA and as a clinical pharmacist/pharmacist editor at Genelex Corporation, a biotechnology company specializing in pharmacogenetics/personalized medicine and drug-drug interactions. As a Plein Geriatric Research Fellow, she led an investigation on polypharmacy and fall risk in the elderly. She also participated in a research involving Vitamin A intake and its disposition in Chronic Kidney Disease patients. Ichiko joined the DIDB in November 2016 as a curator of preclinical and clinical drug interaction studies.

Chris Kinsella

Software Engineer, Rooster Park  //  LinkedIn

Grace Lee

Administrative Coordinator, UW Department of Pharmaceutics

Grace has been providing administrative support to the DIDB team since 2006. Prior to joining the Department of Pharmaceutics, she worked for the UW School of Business. Grace holds a B.A. in Social Work and Psychology from University of Washington.

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