Dr. Rene LevyThe Metabolism & Transport Drug Interaction Database was created in the late 1990s in Dr. Rene Levy’s lab, as Dr. Levy recognized the advances made in the field of in vitro to in vivo predictions, and the need for more widespread knowledge about the risks of drug interactions. Dr. Levy was the Principal Investigator of the Drug Interaction Database program until his retirement in 2009. His immense contribution to the field of drug disposition and drug-drug interactions has been recognized worldwide through his numerous publications.

Development of the Database was initially funded by seed grants from several pharmaceutical companies. The University of Washington started licensing access to the Database at the beginning of 2002. Although the project is managed by the UW CoMotion, it is a non-profit endeavor and all revenues from licensing are used to cover the costs of scientific and technical maintenance, as well as development of new features.